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10820 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

SunCafe's Raw Vegan Food Box Meals - $119.00

These are flavor rich raw food meals like you've come to expect from SunCafe, voted #3 Raw Restaurant in the world at There will be an emphasis on vegan dishes with a lighter use of nuts. Each raw meal service contains four enticing entrees, four salacious salads/soups, four delectable desserts/snacks.


Raw foods are more nutritious than cooked foods. Cooking destroys the natural enzymes in food, so food can be more difficult to digest, and the vital vitamins and minerals are not absorbed by the body. Our raw boxes contain foods that lower the Ph of your blood. This helps to build a stronger immune system, and also greatly reduces the risk that cancers can grow in your body. All the food at SunCafe is vegan, non-GMO, organic and pesticide-free. Each Raw Box meal is gluten free, and contains no white sugars, artificial ingredients or foods cooked over 118 degrees.


(Meals subject to occassional changes due to availability of organic produce)  *  Order Friday for pick up after 11am Sundays






Italian Sandwich

Pesto Pizza




Kale Colossus

Spinach Soup

Mac n Cheese RAW

Beet Salad



Lettuce Tacos

Waldorf Salad

Raw Pie


Nachos on jicama


Raw pesto pizza

Collard Zucchini Hummus Wrap

Veggie kabobs w/garlic kale

Italian jicama pesto risotto


Burger on Buckwheat Bread

Sesame Noodles

Portobello Sushi

Italian Sushi w/pesto

Portobello Vegetable Fajitas


Cheesy Casserole Cheddar veggies

Pumpkin Stuffing Stuffed Red Peppers

Carrot/flax falafel

Sample Entrees

Sample Salads & Soups

Sample Snacks & Desserts

Kale colossus

Spinach Salad

Tomato Soup

Spinach soup

Fumi Cabbage Salad

Celery Apple Salad

Italian spinach soup

Fiesta Salad

Chick Salad

Mushroom soup

Kale Salad

Tomato bisque

Green Salad w/ranch

Green smoothie

Greek Salad

Sea chowder soup



Granola w/nut milk

Raw marinated pesto mushrooms



Chocolate truffle balls

Granola w/nut milk

Nacho chez & veggie sticks

Italian Canopes


Sugar plums

Key Lime Pie

Sunflower Hummus and veggies

Granola w/sunflower milk

Italian ricotta canopes

Pumpkin pie

Lemon balls


$119 per box plus tax