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SunCafe's juice fast detox programs begin
each Monday
in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Studio City

Learn more about SunCafe Detox Cleanse at our Weekly Raw Food Cooking Class
every Saturday at 9am.

SunCafe Deep Detox Cleanse for Optimum Health

SunCafe is thrilled to announce the return of our juice fast and living foods cleanse service. We offer options from three days to 21-days so there is sure to be a program that is just right for YOU!

Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables form the base of our specially formulated juices and drinks, providing tons of easily assimilated essential nutrients to fuel and rebuild the body. All food and drinks are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and vegan. This special ‘spa’ style menu is available only through these programs.

All juices and meals are packed for you to pick up in the morning. Delivery is available through special arrangement only. SunCafe detox/cleanse is central to people in Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Studio City.

"3-Day Juice Feast/Fast"

Awaken refreshed and rebalanced with this entry level fast, ideal for the client who is looking for an effective and easy energy and immune boost. Call it a ‘bender-ender’ or a “quick fix” for various health or lifestyle challenges, it is three days that will allow your body to rest, repair and rebuild essential life energy. Six specially formulated juices and drinks will fuel you throughout the day without feeling hungry or deprived. $195

"Raw Food Lifestyle 7-day juice & raw food"

Extinguish unhealthful cravings and addictions, reveal a brighter and more radiant appearance, rid your body of harmful accumulated waste in less than a week!. These five days supports the body in it’s natural detoxifying processes and will leave you feeling renewed, refreshed, lighter and with more energy. Unlike popular lemonade diets, this juice fast actually provides vitamins and minerals to the body, is low-glycemic and tastes great! $395

"21-Day Deep Detox" - Begins on Mondays

Past participants have experienced profound changes not only in their physical body but also in their energy level, improved emotional outlook and refreshed mental clarity. Participation in this program includes…

- 21 day herbal supplement kit and guide
- All inclusive program (all food and fresh juices) to insure your greatest success $995

To ask questions, email inquiries to Detox@SunCafe.com.

You'll save:
* A months worth of groceries and restaurant costs
* You won't have to prepare meals
* You'll avoid the grocery store with it's temptations and food addictions

Benefits of a Cleanse

Our cleanses offer your body the time and nourishment it needs to repair itself. Years of eating a standard American Diet (SAD) such as processed foods, meats, preservatives, fatty foods, or unhealthy lifestyles of free radicals, chemicals, drugs can cause damage and lead to a milieu of health complaints.

Benefits reported by cleanse members include:
More Energy
Mental Clarity
Weight Loss
Improved Digestion
Healthier Complexion
Break Food Addictions
Emotional Balancing
Restful Sleep
Improved Sex Drive
Increased Vitality

Invest In Yourself...

SunCafe's "High On Live" Cleanses provide raw, organic, and vegan foods free of gluten, processed sugars, corn, GMOs, and soy.

To ask questions, email inquiries to Detox@SunCafe.com.